Sample Dinner Menu

Updated 11.14.14



Olives* Marinated — 4.

Popcorn* Pecorino Cheese, Brown Butter + Truffle Salt — 5.

Deviled North Plain Farm Eggs Bacon Jam 5.

Hosta Hill Kimchi 7.


Small Plates/Shared Plates

curried pumpkin soup berle farm yogurt, lemon oil 10.

market vegetable salad* pepitas, banyuls vinaigrette 12.

poached quince salad* spicy greens, marcona almonds, blue cheese, pomegranate 14.

raw kale salad* apples, sourdough croutons, pecorino, lemon vinaigrette 9.

farro* farm girl cucumbers, radishes, pistachios, pecorino, arugula, basil, mint 12.

spinach salad roasted pears, bacon, pecans, bayley hazen blue, concord grape vinaigrette 14.

roasted hen-of-the-woods mushrooms* 14.

fried pickled red onions* garlic aioli 6.

smoked trout pickled beets, shaved pears, mustard greens, verjus shallots, horseradish vinaigrette 14.

smoked salmon rillettes grilled sourdough, baby greens, radishes, lemon vinaigrette 12.

littleneck clams chorizo, potatoes, garlic confit, normandy cider 16.

fish tacos tomatillo salsa, lime slaw, green onion, cilantro aioli, hot sauce 16.

pork tacos guacamole, cilantro aioli, slaw, sriracha 16.

steamed buns braised pork belly, pickled onions + carrots, hoisin, sriracha 12.



fried cauliflower sandwich* sautéed greens, pickled peppers, almond romesco, cheese, lettuces16.

salmon heirloom carrots, crispy delicata squash, bok choy, pistachio butter 28.

bratwurst sweet lightning squash pierogies, brussels sprouts, maple chili gastrique 24.

misty knoll chicken confit roasted acorn squash, charred kale salad 26.

black queen angus braised goat ravioli swiss chard, apple demi glace 26.

duck meatballs berle farm crowdie gnocchi, tatsoi, pumpkin broth, hazelnut oil 28.

block cut ny strip mx farm sweet potatoes, roasted cippolinis, mushrooms, peppercress, bordelaise 30.

daire burger neff ground shortrib + brisket, cheese, lettuce, pickles, bacon jam, house frites 16.

add a sunnyside up farm egg +2.

The menu changes daily. Please call 413-528-2118 to ask about today’s selections.

* Denotes vegetarian options